We've developed a real-time training and testing system to protect your valuable company data from outside hackers.   These hackers will try to trick and mis-represent themselves to get access to your data via your employees.

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How The Process Works

Train the Employees

An email will be sent to all of your employees to access a customized training center.  Employees will then be shown 2 or 3 short video's about email phishing and how to spot a fake email.  After the video's they will be given a short test of 5 questions.  If they score 100% they get to print off a certificate of completion that they can proudly post in their office.

Test Their Knowledge

Once a month for the next year, we will send them 1 email, at random, that looks like a real email to try and trick them. We use many of the techniques that modern hackers will use to get them to click on the links in the email.  If they do, then they will be notified they got phished and will be required to watch another video about email phishing.

Management Notifications

During this whole process a customized management portal allows you to see what emails have been viewed, which users had to retake training video's and focus in on employees that need more training.  You can also add new employees at anytime during the process and make it a part of your new employee training program.

Thousands of dollars of equipment can only take you so far, the true answer is better training.

Pricing for 1 Year / 1 Employee

13 $